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" We believe that there is a better way—instead of safety being an afterthought to business — let’s create a culture where safety is integrated into each job everyday. "

Culture of Safety

•  We meet with school district and administration to establish goals and develop site specific guidelines and

    procedures that will specifically work for the client.


•  We develop specific compliance plans where necessary and develop targeted plans of action.


•  We assist schools in the identification of hazards by performing Loss Prevention Surveys that include specific

    recommendations and prioritization of identified hazards. This allows school districts to target their efforts more efficiently.


•  We partner with our clients so that the result is a safety program that not only works well, but is implemented within the

    existing school district structure to create a culture of safety.


 • We provide hands-on assistance and guidance to make the specific safety program work for the school district

    every step of the way.


 • We perform site specific training to employees, to supervisors, and to administration to ensure compliance.


 • We follow-up to make sure that the developed process is working for the school district.


 • We are there — to respond to questions, to troubleshoot problems, and to provide a resource for answers.


 • We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quick, reliable, and dependable services to our clients. We respond to

   calls immediately and provide an 800 pager number to our clients to use to contact us at any time.

13434 Jefferson St. Le Grand, CA 95333-9769  Ph: 209.389.4054  Fax: 209.389.4054